Definately NOT Kansas!

     What was it the Doctor had said to me when I was 5?  "Be careful what you wish for."

     I was in my bedroom, pondering what to do about getting off the Earth, as I packed for a weekend hiking excursion in Wolfeboro.  I had just finished with my back pack, filling it with spare clothes, my tarot deck, and my lap top when all of a sudden BAM!!!!  It was like the Wizard of Oz, only more so and with better special effects.  Next thing I knew I wasn't in my bedroom anymore, nor in any building at all.  I looked around, hoping to find someone who could tell me where I was now and what happened to me.
     I ran into several blond folks who were quite surprised by my appearance.  They told me that they are Thals.   They seemed friendly enough, once they got past the color of my hair (dark brown with deep red highlights), my accent (a lot of folks think I'm from either Ohio or Fargo though I've never been to either), and the fact I appeared out of nowhere.  When I explained to them that I am a nurse, they hooked me up with this local healer, Jabrill Charis, nice guy. 
     That was a month ago.  Now, Jabrill has gone missing and everyone else has gone nuts.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear someone had spiked something around here with either valium or prozac, or both.
     I dreamed of the Doctor again last night, another dream that felt like a vision.  I'm beginning to wonder if he's here.  If he is, I must find him.  I also need to find Jabrill.  Ole' Jabrill might actually know why everyone's gone insane.  Perhaps my Tarot cards can shed some light on why I woke up again with that something's not right sensation. . .

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Ok this is weird (noteRPG entry see profile)

Ok so I get up early this morning (odd for me as I'm an 11-7 Nurse... but I'm off work for a conference) and everything looks normal but something doesn't feel right. Tried frequenting my usual online haunts:

No help there. Anyone out there ever wake up with that nagging suspcion that something had gone wrong but you just can't put your finger on it? Tried doing a Tarot spread... couldn't get any deep detail but I just know the Doctor is involved somehow. Drat! I gotta log off or I'll be late for that conference! I need my CEU's.