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I've been following an unusual historical figure known only as "the Doctor" since I was 5.
As for me personally I'm big (size 2-3X), I'm bad (mischevious not evil), and I'm from Wolfeboro. I kinda look like Velma minus the glasses and plus a few extra stone which I am trying to lose. That's me in my user pics..except for the cute dog(see what I mean about me looking like Velma?)
I also read Tarot cards among other unusual talents....

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See this article in my journal if you want to know what's going on.

Personal favorite quote (which describes my philosophy on life): "I just keep doing what it looks like I'm supposed to be doing; no matter how crazy it seems."-Flynn in Tron

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(please note this is just an RPG journal... if you're looking for reality see bigbadwolfeboro)